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Leading Stem Cell Treatment Center in Bellevue, Washington

Regenerative Medicine Northwest is one of the leading stem cell therapy health centers in Washington. The medical team at Regenerative Medicine Northwest are truly changing patients lives with this breakthrough treatment. 

Everyone’s pain is different. Stem cell therapy offers natural healing allowing patients to often avoid painful surgery and medications that often have terrible side effects. If past treatments aren’t working, it is time to try stem cells.

Stem cell therapy is advancing medicine in a way unseen in more traditional treatments. Most patients only require one injection to start the process and start the path to recovery. However, some patients may need a second injection after six months. Even with just one injection, stem cells start the process of replication and regeneration.

Dr Braden Andersen

About Dr. Braden C. Andersen

Dr. Braden C. Andersen is a Pacific Northwest native. Dr. Andersen is a Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). He holds a Dual Doctorate and Dual Board Certifications in both Family Practice and Acute Care (AG). Additionally, he has a background in Hospital Administration and has been published in local magazines, newspapers, and online periodicals. Dr. Andersen received numerous awards relating to the satisfaction of patients under his care and/or departmental leadership in the past and continues to deliver this patient-centered care. His experience actively extends into Emergency Medicine and Family Practice offering our patients expertise in both acute and chronic condition management. Outside RMNW, the ER, and Family Practice – Dr. Andersen is a nonprofit leader in the Bellevue area and a recovering Rock Climbing addict.

Dr. Andersen’s motivation for our services:

“There is a population of patients who struggle with serious problems or discomfort and believe surgery is the only option. While for some, surgery may be needed, there also is a group that really doesn’t fit the ideal profile for surgery and may not understand the significant associated risks and costs. That patient likely also isn’t looking for a lifelong commitment to aggressive and expensive pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, there may be other options! I am excited about groundbreaking therapies which can hopefully delay the need for surgery, improve recovery time, reduce the need for adjunctive medications, or even repair the underlying problems altogether.”


You might be surprised to learn just how many things can be treated with stem cell therapy. The best way to decide if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to watch a seminar. From there, a health professional will review your medical history and whether you’ll respond well to this treatment. If you have other questions, please call or fill out the form below


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