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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy in Bellevue, Washington

The human body has the unique ability is engineered to heal itself, however, sometimes our bodies need a boost. If you’ve experienced an injury or chronic condition that’s impairing your life and leaving you with daily pain, you have options. Stem cell therapy repairs damaged tissue in your body to restore your health and eliminate pain. Stem cells three mechanisms are to reduce inflammation, regenerate tissue, and modulate the immune system.

There are many sources of stem cells, however, Regenerative Medicine Northwest uses cells harvested from umbilical cords. These cells are grown into specialized cells to help with muscle, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, and more. Specialized stem cells are injected into the damaged areas through a quick procedure. The stem cells then grow and repair within the affected area and deliver lasting results. The equipment used to harbor the stem cells are FDA approved and the same rigorous testing used for tissue banks are the same tests used for stem cells. Umbilical cord stem cell therapy does not require surgery, medications, and typically, only require one injection for patients to start feeling results.

Live a life free from pain with stem cell therapy.

You don’t have to keep living life with chronic pain. The proven research behind stem cell therapy has shown stem cells to be effective, successful, and a safe way to treat a variety of conditions and injuries. Dr. Braden C. Andersen and our medical team at Regenerative Medicine Northwest have helped many patients relieve their pain and heal injuries. Our quick and relatively painless stem cell therapy procedure delivers results that heal injuries and reduce pain.

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You might be surprised to learn just how many things can be treated with stem cell therapy. The best way to decide if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to watch a seminar. From there, a health professional will review your medical history and whether you’ll respond well to this treatment. If you have other questions, please call or fill out the form below


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