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Stem Cells 101

The power that made the body is the power that heals the body.

Stem cells are the backbone of development in plants, animals, and humans. However, with humans, there are numerous types of cells that form from different places in the body and at different times in our lives.

There are embryonic stem cells which are only alive at the earliest stages of development and adult stem cells (tissue-specific) that exist during fetal development and remain in our bodies throughout our lifetime. Unfortunately, as we age we don’t produce as many stems like we did when were younger. This is where most of our daily pain begins to start and our bodies suffer or break down. Stem cell therapy has the ability to reduce inflammation, repair damages, replicate and rejuvenate themselves as needed for the needed area.

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Stem Cell Therapy Isn’t The Future…IT’S TODAY!


You might be surprised to learn just how many things can be treated with stem cell therapy. The best way to decide if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to attend one of our seminars. From there, a health professional will review your medical history and whether you’ll respond well to this treatment. If you have other questions, please call or fill out the form below


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